Mohammed Moni’im, a mathematics teacher living in Al-Hazm, has not received his salary for almost a year now.
“I have been a teacher for 25 years and for a year we have not received our salaries. And we struggle to secure basic food such as flour and sugar for our children. Relatives are helping us,” said Mon’im, who is also a father of seven children.
Similar to Mon’im, 5,000 teachers in Al-Jawf, almost 70 percent of the state employees in Al-Jawfhave not received their salaries for a year, and they are suffering from extreme poverty.
For one year they have been calling on the government to pay their salaries but nothing has happened. The current war has taken a toll on people’s lives and it becomes worse when they are without salaries – sometimes their only livelihood source – which sounds an alarm for a future humanitarian disaster.
“We used to have hope” Mon’im said, “But things go from bad to worse every day.”