Abdullah Ali Mohammed Jaber , a Yemeni citizen, who was arrested by the US military in Iraq and imprisoned for 12 years. He was returned to his home and again was arrested at Aden airport. Read more:

Abdullah Jaber was arrested illegally again after being imprisoned for12 years in prison in Iraq

Local sources said that the security authorities at Aden airport arrested a Yemeni citizen, Abdullah Ali Mohammed Jaber , who was recently released by the Iraqi authorities. The sources said that Jaber was arrested on arrival at Aden airport from Iraq.

Jaber was arrested by US soldiers in the city of Trabil during the occupation of Iraq on charges of illegally entry. Then he was imprisoned for 12 years. The Iraqi authorities released him during the last few days and allowed him to return to Yemen, but the security authorities arrested him at the airport and did not explain the reasons for his arrest.