(8 January,2019), New photos have been released of the detainees in Bir Ahmed prison, run by UAE in Aden city, who are stitching their mouths shut and carrying banners in which they insist on continuing a hunger strike until death if their  demands are not responded to. 

(9 January,2019), Houthi group gives the family of the political detainee Mohammed Qahtan 3 days to leave their home in Sanaa and threatens to raid it. This comes after unconfirmed news of his release from the Houthi prison more than 3 years as part of the prisoner’s exchange agreed in Sweden talks.  

(10 January,2019), 31 civilians have been killed and 256 others injured by Houthi group since the declare of ceasefire in Hodeidah governorate. 

 (11 January,2019), An eyewitness: a young man was shot to death by an armed man as a result of a dispute over a piece of land west of Aden. 

 (12 January,2019), Two children were killed and another injured by Houthi militia shelling at a civilian village in Alghail district in Aljawf governorate.  

(12 January,2019), Two Yemeni journalists were injured in Houthi drone attack in Alanad military base in Lahj governorate.  

(12 January,2019), Prisoners of Bir Ahmed go on hunger strike again as a result of being exposed to torture. In a statement, the Mothers of Abductees Association said the strike cause the prisoners to faint, accusing the prosecution of postponing the release order. 

(14 January,2019), 8 civilians were killed and 7 injured, including children and women, in Houthi rocket attack in Haradh district north of Hajjah governorate. 

(14 January,2019), The bodies of three fishermen were found two days after taking a fishing trip off the coast of Abyan governorate. 

(14 January,2019), Yemeni delegate: Houthi militia committed 434 violations after Sweden agreement until January which led to the death of 33 civilians and the injury of 263 others. 

(14 January,2019), local sources: 3 children were injured, including two with serious injuries by a shell exploded in Sabr Al-Modam in Taiz governorate