Eyewitnesses said that Southern Transitional Council militia, supported by UAE, launched mass abductions in several districts in the interim capital of Aden.

The witnesses said the transitional militia patrols have created new checkpoints in several streets and neighborhoods in the city and they have abducted civilians. 

The government forces withdrew from Zanzibar city, the center of Abyan governorate. The correspondent of Belqees TV channel said the government forces withdrew from the city without clashes with the Security Belt forces, controlled by transitional militia and supported by UAE.   

The correspondent added that public offices were looted by armed men and civilians, including the government administration office.

The government forces controlled the city on Wednesday. However, the withdrawal operation was undertaken after the government forces were targeted by Southern Transitional Council militia in an area between Aden and Abyan, resulting in the death and injury of dozens of the government forces and civilians.