(6, August, 2020), Local sources: a woman was killed and another injured as a result of the explosion of a landmine planted by the Houthi group in Al-Matoun district in Al-Jawf governorate.  

(6, August, 2020), Belqees TV correspondent said 15 civilians were injured or killed, including 8 children, by the coalition airstrike which targeted populated areas in Khub and Al-Shagaf districts in Al-Jawf governorate.  

(6, August, 2020), The flooding of the Marib dam threatens to block the international road which links Marib with other governorates and prevents transportation from and to Marib governorate. The civilians demand the local authority to take rapid action before the route is cut off completely.  

(6, August, 2020), Military statistics revealed that 44 civilians were killed or injured by the Houthi group during the last two months in Hodeidah governorate.   

(7, August, 2020), A house collapsed due to heavy flooding, causing the death of 7 women and 2 children in Al-Jafaria district in Raymah governorate and there are bodies remain buried beneath the rubble.    

(7, August, 2020), The victims of flooding in Marib governorate increased to 21, including deaths, injuries and missing people.  

(7, August, 2020), Two houses collapsed in the old city of Sana’a due to the heavy rain. Moreover, there are buildings of the historical city which is considered a World Heritage Site are vulnerable to collapse.      

(8, August, 2020), Two civilians were killed in landmine explosion planted by Houthi group in Al-Jawf governorate.  

(8, August, 2020), Local source: two children died and their mother injured after their house collapsed due to floods in Ibb governorate.  

(8, August, 2020), The health authority announced a new confirmed COVID19  case in Hadhramout, bringing the total to 1,797 cases, including 512 deaths and 910 recovered cases.  

(8, August, 2020), The civilians found 5 dead bodies, including women and children, and removed them from the flood in Bana valley, east of Ibb governorate.   

(9, August, 2020), Local sources confirmed the number of victims of rain and floods in Raymah increased to 27 deaths and 7 injuries. Moreover, 6 houses completely collapsed and 14 houses partially collapsed by the severe flood.     

(10, August, 2020), The family of Mohammed Al-Sanwi who has been forcibly disappeared for six years by the Houthi group appeals for his fate be disclosed and for him to be released; he is the only provider for eight children.  

(11, August, 2020), Angry protesters block the streets in Aden objecting to the degradation of services and water shortages.  

(11, August, 2020), The family of the child Ayham are protesting, demanding Ayham’s murderers to be arrested and prosecuted. Ayham was shot dead by armed men in front of his family with 30 bullets in Taiz city.