A human rights report confirms the monitoring and documentation of 2,206 cases of violations carried out by the Houthi militia against civilians in Taiz last December.
The Human Rights Information and Training Center explained that their field team documented 47 cases of killings, including of women and children, by bullets and mortar shells by the Houthi militia.
The report also noted the killing of 21 civilians as a result of raids by the Arab Coalition.
The center confirmed the reporting of the injury of 99 civilians and 39 cases of abduction and enforced disappearance by the militia.
The report adds that the field team also monitored the mass displacement of 366 families, and about 2,000 civilians, mostly women and children.
It monitored 39 cases of abduction and enforced disappearance by the coup militia, including 16 kidnappings, 23 enforced disappearances, the torture of 11 abductees, and the execution of one of the kidnappees.
According to the report, there has been a significant increase in displacement and forced displacement during the month of December as a result of intensive shelling and storming the villages in Alhayma area in the Ta’aizyah district.
As well as in the villages of Ashruh and Alquoz in Jabal Habashi and the districts of Mawz’a, Maqbanah, Alshaqab and Aljirat in the district of Sabr Almawadim.
The report said internally displaced people in camps in various areas of Taiz face very difficult conditions.
The tragedy exacerbates the misery of camp life, the severity of the cold, the scarcity of access to water and food, the use of primitive methods of cooking food and living in small dwellings.