(28 May, 2019),  More than 7000 Yemeni refugees in Malaysia with no legal status or protection. They don’t have the right to access education, work or healthcare.  

(28 May, 2019), A woman was injured by a shrapnel bullet fired by a Houthi sniper in Hayes city, south of Hodeidah governorate.  

(29 May, 2019), Civilians found a dead body of an activist of Southern movement, Yasser Masaib in an apartment in Al-Mukhtar neighborhood, in al-Mansoura district in the interim capital of Aden.   

(30 May, 2019), Fishermen suffer harsh economic conditions because their essential tools of fishing were destroyed as a result of the war and they can’t find another job in Midi shores in Hajjah governorate.  

(2 June, 2019), The traders in areas controlled by the Houthi group are required to pay levies in Ramadan month.     

(3 June, 2019), Eid is coming soon, however, Amer al-Qubati and millions of Yemenis will not be able to enjoy it because of the dire circumstances of war and the  absence of salaries.