(11 June, 2019), A civilian was injured by a bullet fired by a Houthi sniper in Hayes area, south of Hodeida.  

 (12June, 2019), 26 civilians were injured when a cruise missile was fired by the Houthi group at Abha airport in Saudi Arabia.  

(13 June, 2019), A civilian was killed and three others injured in the explosion of a landmine deployed by Houthi group in al-Khokha district in Hodeidah governorate.  

(14 June, 2019), A civilian was killed and two others wounded as a result of Houthi group shelling and landmines in Hodeidah governorate.  

(15 June, 2019), Local sources: five civilians from the same family were killed as a result of an armed confrontation on a piece of land in al-Salafiya district in Raymah governorate. 

(15 June, 2019), Mathbah bridge in Sana’a is about to collapse as a result of a new tunnel excavation under the bridge, the loaded trucks which pass every day across the bridge and carry about a million tons, and the flooding surrounding the bridge.  

 (17 June, 2019), 79 displaced households in Abyan governorate, 393 displaced people in Hajjah governorate and 257 displaced people in al-Abr district in Hadhramaut governorate have been affected by flooding during the past week.  

(17 June, 2019), A source in the health office announced the death of 11 persons, including children, from dengue fever in the interim capital of Aden.