(18 June, 2019), Public report: more than 2,700 civilians were killed by the Houthi group in Taiz governorate between March 2015 and mid May 2019.  

(19 June, 2019), A child was killed and his brother injured by remnants of a Houthi mine that exploded when they passed by in Hodeida governorate.   

(20 June, 2019), A human rights report revealed 51,000 cases of violations committed by the Houthi group against children in al-Jawf governorate. The violations include killing, arrests, recruitment, displacement, and deprivation of education since the beginning of the war. 

(21 June, 2019), Local source: a woman was killed and other people were injured from one family in a Houthi group shelling at a civilian neighborhood, south of Hodeidah governorate.  

(21 June, 2019), Medical source: Ibn Khaldun hospital received 7 bodies of people who died as a result of high temperatures which were doubled by the power outages.  

(21 June, 2019), A woman was killed and five civilians were injured, including a child, by Houthi group artillery shelling, west of al-Dale governorate.   

(22 June, 2019), Rain and floods destroy hundreds of tents, food and shelter materials in Lahj governorate. 

(23 June, 2019), A civilian was killed by members of the Houthi group in Bait al-Faqeh district in Hodeida governorate.   

(24 June, 2019), Yemeni Cashiers Association in Sana’a declared a strike as a result of the looting of new currencies and large financial obligations.  

 (24 June, 2019), Activists circulated a video of armed men attacking one of the witnesses in a murder case committed by a family which is close to the Interior Ministry controlled by the Houthi group.