(17, September, 2019), 50 rabies deaths and more than 9000 suffering from rabies as a result of the acute medicine shortage and spread of dogs in the Houthi-held areas.  

(17, September, 2019), The Yemeni cartoonist Rashad al-Samei launched a cartoon campaign revealing the suffering of people who live under the siege imposed on Taiz city for the past five years met with local, regional and international silence.   

(18, September, 2019), Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations documented 455 cases of torture committed by the Houthi group from September 2014 to December 2018. 295 cases of torture were recorded in Sana’a Municipality, 86 cases in Sana’a and 74 cases in Ibb governorate.  

(19, September, 2019), Two children were wounded after Houthi group opened fire on their family while they are on their way to al-Shuaila village in Hayes district, south of Hodeida governorate.  

(19, September, 2019), The garbage accumulated in Taiz city streets as a result of stopping paying their salaries.  

(20, September, 2019), Epidemics of infectious diseases have been spreading fast as a result of the lack of healthcare in Lahj governorate. The Radfan Public Hospital received about 300 cases of cholera and dengue fever during the last two months.  

(20, September, 2019), Four passengers were killed and six others injured out of fifty passengers traveling on a mass transit bus as a result of a device that exploded near to the Saudi Arabian border.  

(21, September, 2019), A civilian was injured and many houses damaged as a result of Houthi group shelling at al-Zaher district in al-Baydha governorate.  

(21, September, 2019), The explosion of a generator inside a market caused numerous causalities in al-Mahfad district in Abyan governorate.  

(22, September, 2019), Right to Life organization documented 5,000 cases of violations against civilians since 2016 in al-Jawf governorate, including 379 killings (172 children, 106 women and 101 men).  

(23, September, 2019), 34 journalists, photojournalists and media workers were killed after the Houthis took control of Sana’a on 21 September, 2014.    

(23, September, 2019), Five civilians from one family were killed by Saudi coalition airstrikes in Amran governorate.