(24, December,2019), Her 70-year-old husband who is infected with dengue fever and has shortness of breath is resting on her shoulder as she accompanies him to the hospital to try to save his life. Saida Khoury, a displaced woman in Lahj governorate in Midi district is struggling with the bitterness of war and displacement to support her family that consists of her husband and 6 members.  

(24, December,2019), Deaths from swine flu have increased as a result of poor health services and scarcity of vaccines. There have been 48 deaths and more than 1,600 people infected with swine flu in two months in a number of Yemeni governorates.  

(25, December,2019), Internally displaced people in Abyan governorate live in houses made of straw that don’t protect them from the extremely cold weather. They call on the responsible authorities to provide them with humanitarian and food aid.  

(25, December,2019), The Association of Abductees’ Mothers documented 1,200 cases of abduction committed by the Houthi group, including 11 women, since the Stockholm Agreement and more than 90 civilians were abducted by military groups loyal to the coalition in Aden.  

(25, December,2019), Masam project destroyed and detonated more than 2,800 landmine devices and unexploded shells in Sa’ada and al-Jawf governorates.  

(26, December,2019), A child was killed and another injured while they were grazing sheep as a result of the explosion of a landmine deployed by Houthi group in al-Maslub district in al-Jawf governorate  

(26, December,2019), The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate demanded the Houthi group to release the journalist Abdul Hafez al-Samadi. The Syndicate said it received a report from al-Samadi’s family stating that his health has been deteriorated as a result of having a tumor in his back and condemning his arbitrary arrest in last July and deprivation of his right to medical treatment.  

(24, December,2019), Fatoom Ali, an internally displaced woman, flees her home in Hodeida governorate to Aden governorate. She was forced to leave her house and stable life to live in dire circumstances and suffer from food insecurity.  

(28, December,2019), The Minister of Fish Wealth said fishermen have been subjected to killing, arrest and forced disappearance, committed by all parties to the conflict.  

(30, December,2019), Landmines Monitor revealed the killing of 484 civilians, including 162 children and 117 women, as a result of landmines planted by the Houthi group in Taiz governorate since 2015.  

(30, December,2019), Al-Mandhar neighborhood in Hodeida governorate has witnessed a wave of internal displacement as a result of the continuous shelling by the Houthi group. In addition, a civilian was killed by a Houthi group bullet in south Hodeida governorate.  

(30, December,2019), The grinding of wheat stored in the Red Sea Mills grain silo in Hodeida governorate was halted after they were hit by Houthi group shelling.