(28, January,2020), Local sources said the Houthi group shot a tribal leader, Abdo al-Wael, 60 years old, to death after he refused to cooperate with them and send fighters  from his tribe in al-Nadira district in Ibb governorate. 

(30, January,2020), Armed men stormed a store belonging to WFP Yemen in Hajjah governorate and looted 127 tons of food assistance.   

(31, January,2020), Houthi group abducted the president of Science and Technology university, Dr. Hamid Aqlan and held him in a prison controlled by them in Sana’a and appointed Dr. al-Mutawakkil as its new president. 

(1, February,2020), A woman and a child were killed and others injured  by targeting Houthi group a house in al-Rawdha neighborhood in Marib city. 

(1, February,2020), A source in the Ministry of Health said 6 people died as a result of dengue fever in Aden and more than 365 people suspected of dengue fever.  

(2, February,2020), The Yemeni Landmines Monitor said 557 people are killed and injured as a result of the landmines planted by the houthi group in al-Jawf governorate for two years.  

(2, February,2020), The Ministry of Health controlled by Houthi group in Sana’a announced that Hodeida is a high risk area due to the spread of diseases remarkably such as cholera, Malaria and dengue fever.  

(2, February,2020), Local sources: four civilians were injured by Houthi militia shelling at Tahita city south Hodeida governorate.