(22, March,2020), For the 5th day in a row, Houthis closed the ports that link areas controlled by Houthis and areas controlled by legitimate government and coalition.1000s of passengers are held in al-Malaje area in al-Baydha, in inhumane conditions where they lack basic necessities for quarantine.

(20, March,2020), A civilian was killed and 9 others injured in Houthi’s missile strike on al-Matar civilian neighborhood in the center of Marib.

(19, March,2020), Civilians in Hayfan district in Taiz governorate complain about the death of livestock that was provided by FAO under the food security program for poor and affected households. The livestock died one by one as a result of a strange disease. The disease has started to spread among their own livestock, extending to remote villages after the international intervention.

(19, March,2020), The Houthi group has continued to hold passengers at various checkpoints in al-Baydha governorate under the pretext of controlling coronavirus.

(19, March,2020), Military source: Ballistic missile fired by Houthi group targeting al-Matar populated neighborhood in the center of Marib city.

(19, March,2020), Two civilians were killed in the explosion of an explosive device in Qataba city in al-Dale governorate.

(19, March,2020), The Association of Abductees’ Mothers in Aden demanded the government and coalition to save the lives of their sons who are on hunger strike in Bir Ahmed prison.

(19, March,2020), Belqees TV documented the suffering of internally displaced people in Marib governorate.100 camps are inhabited by hundreds of IDPs after the wave of displacement from al-Jawf. The intervention by the local authority and organizations is limited and insufficient for the IDPs’ great need.

(18, March,2020), Local sources reported that 3 civilians were killed and another was injured in the explosion of two landmines planted by the Houthi group in Midi district, Hajjah governorate.

(18, March,2020), The Yemeni government has decided to take preventive actions and precautionary measures against coronavirus. The Ministry of Transport ordered the closure of land ports, except for relief cargo and commercial freight. It has suspended all flights from and to Yemeni airports, starting March 18 for two weeks. Moreover, the Supreme Judicial Council has suspended work in the courts starting March 18.

(18, March,2020), Civilians were injured by the Houthi group missile attack targeting al-Zira’ah neighborhood which involved a school and civilian areas in Marib city.