(5, May, 2020), In the World Press Freedom, Yemeni journalists face death for the fifth year. Dozens of them have been detained, others sentenced to death, or killed in the frontlines or externally displaced. 

(5, May, 2020), Local sources: the abductee, Mansour Ali al-Quhali, from Amran governorate, died two weeks after his release from prisons run by Houthis in Dhamar governorate.  

(5, May, 2020), Local residents said three main private hospitals in Aden city have closed as a result of coronavirus since Thursday and refused to receive patients with different medical conditions, while the General Prosecutor ordered an investigation into the incident.   

(6, May, 2020), The supreme national emergency committee announced that coronavirus infections have risen in Yemen to 12 cases since April 10.  

(6, May, 2020), The Houthi group confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the Capital Sana’a, amid the fear of revealing the nationality of the infected patient and enforcing social stigma.  

(7, May, 2020),The supreme national emergency committee confirmed 3 cases of infection of coronavirus in Lahj governorate, including one death.  

(7, May, 2020), The manager of the Health office in Taiz confirmed the first coronavirus death.  

(8, May, 2020), Houthi group released the journalist Abdul Hafez al-Samadi after her was abducted and detained for 10 months in prisons run by Houthis in Sana’a. Human Rights reports revealed that al-Samadi was subjected to severe torture. Although, his health deteriorated and he suffered from colon diseases, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and a tumor in his back, Houthi group refused to provide him with health care in the prison.  

(8, May, 2020), A 9 year-old child was swept away by the flood, leading to her death, in Ibb governorate.  

(9, May, 2020), The supreme national emergency committee reported 9 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Aden, including one death.  

(10, May, 2020), Fallen rocks due to rain block Najd al-Khazraj road in Bani Hamid area in rural Taiz.  

(11, May, 2020), Thousands of Yemenis, including patients, students, and expatriates have been stuck in Egypt, India, and other countries. Their money has run out, they are struggling, and the Yemeni government has formed a committee that only examines their situation without taking practical procedures to save them. They have demanded the Yemeni government to return them to Yemen and to set up quarantine centers in each governorate to receive them.  

(11, May, 2020), government official said 60 cases of deaths were recorded in the interim capital of Aden during the last 24 hours, some of those who died suffered from shortness of breath.  

(11, May, 2020), The supreme national committee recorded 17 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total to 51 cases, including 8 deaths