The number of suspected cases of coronavirus has increased amid a strict blackout by the Houthi group and failure to count victims in the city hospitals.

Hundreds of suspected coronavirus patients have been put into isolation and dead bodies are buried after being washed with Clorox solution, according to doctors.

Every day, social media users report dozens of doctors and citizens who have died due to coronavirus in Sana’a, while the Houthis have continued strict security control.

The SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said that the Houthi militias have turned coronavirus into a security issue. SAM called on the Houthi militias to deal with the coronavirus pandemic case with legal and ethical responsibility, in accordance with the standards and medical protocols issued by the World Health Organization, most importantly transparency in announcing the number of infections.

The legal government announced Sana’a is the area most badly affected by coronavirus, along with the interim capital Aden.

The Ministry of Health said that the reports received from Sana’a confirmed an alarming increase in infections and consequently, an increase in deaths, noting that Houthis were hiding data and information on the update of the pandemic.