(21, June, 2020), The health authority recorded 19 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total to 941, including 256 deaths and 347 recovered cases.

(21, June, 2020), A Human Rights source revealed the death of two detainees under torture in Aden by security forces loyal to STC supported by UAE.

(20, June, 2020), ‘Descendants of Bilal’, is what Abdul Malik Al-Houthi named the marginalized Al-Akhdam community in his speech, as a step to recruit them through his call to integrate them into society and their heroic participation in the war.

(20, June, 2020), “Whoever can’t pay the cost of the grave and shroud will be thrown to the street?”, Umm Nadhem who is in Taiz asked sadly. Recently, the prices of graves and shrouds have risen sharply, along with the deaths of dozens from coronavirus, viral fevers, chronic diseases, and war.

(18, June, 2020), The value of the national currency has been on a downward trend against foreign currency amid the absence of the state in Marib governorate, causing rising prices and economic deterioration that double civilians’ burden.

(18, June, 2020), The national supreme committee recorded 17 new cases and 30 deaths linked to COVID19, bringing the total to 902 cases, including 244 deaths and 271 recovered cases.

(17, June, 2020), Local sources: a civilian shot dead by unknown people riding a motorcycle in the center of Sayun city in Hadhramaut governorate.