(7, October,2020), The Yemeni Syndicate Teachers accused the Houthi group of killing 1,579 educators and injuring 2,642 since 2014. The syndicate: more than 20.000 educators have left their houses and schools in areas controlled by the Houthi group and 621 educators are detained.

(8, October,2020), A child was killed and 8 others injured by a missile launched by the Houthi group on Al-Rabsah neighborhood, south of the Hodeida governorate.

(8, October,2020), A court in Ibb governorate issued the ruling of evicting the former Dean of the college of education after he fails to pay the rent in light of cutting the salaries for five years.

(8, October,2020), Human Rights sources said armed men belonging to the Southern Transitional Council, supported by the UAE, arrested a number of photojournalists and journalists in Aden, accused of leaking video recordings of the trials of abducted national army personnel detained since 2018.

(8, October,2020), The Houthi group shelled a health center in Manzar neighborhood, south of Hodeidah governorate, causing great material damage to the building, which was recently restored.

(9, October,2020), School students from Al-Muhamasheen, a marginalized community with dark skin in Al-Dale governorate, held a protest against racial discrimination and violence in school, which has caused some of them to drop out.

(10, October,2020), The Houthi group reported that about 99% of the fuel stations stopped selling fuel in areas controlled by them, accusing the coalition of detaining 17 oil ships and preventing them from entering Hodeidah port, while the government and coalition accuse the Houthi group of exploiting the port to import arms smuggled from Iran.

(10, October,2020), The new school year starts in Abyan governorate amid the fear of coronavirus, especially since the Education Office in the governorate announced that protective measures for students’ safety are not in place.

(11, October,2020), The Houthi group announced that the number of internally displaced people in areas controlled by them reached 4 million and they live in catastrophic humanitarian conditions.

(7, October,2020), The continuous collapse of the Yemeni currency greatly affects the civilians in rural Taiz because most of them rely on daily incomes and traders charge exorbitant prices for basic goods amid the absence of the concerned authorities. Moreover, not being able to use the new currency in areas controlled by Houthis and the high fees to receive remittances increases their suffering.

(12, October,2020), The Houthi group has demolished the main gate of one of the biggest mosques in Sana’a with the intent to take control of the land. The founder and the Imam of Al-Firdous mosque said in a Facebook post, “The Houthi group is demolishing and digging at the main gates,” accusing them of taking control of the land and a charity foundation belonging to the mosque.

(13, October,2020), Two brothers were killed and others injured, including one woman, by Houthi shelling targeting a residential neighborhood in south Hodeidah governorate.

(13, October,2020), Internally displaced people in Muhaifif in Al-Maharah governorate complain of the high house rents, the absence of relief efforts, and the difficulty enrolling their children in schools due to the lack of income.