Through screams and unstoppable tears, Umm Abeer calls for the relevant authorities, the government, and anyone who is “good and honorable” to search for her daughter who was abducted last Wednesday and became a victim in the abduction and disappearance of girls in the interim capital of Aden.

In an audio clip which sparked anger on social media, the distraught mother said that before her disappearance her daughter Abeer, 25 years old, left home at half-past eight to go to work in one of the commercial centers in the Mansoura district.

Abeer Badr sent a message to her sister saying that a man was following her before cutting contact with her. The abduction of Abeer is not the only incident in a long series of abduction crimes committed against women during the past two years and the majority of them have not been found.

Professor of political sociology Abdu Al-Baqi Shamsan said to Belqees, “The crimes have increased in Aden due to three factors: the absence of law, a weak state and the deterioration of living conditions, and that leads to the appearance of all these crimes which didn’t happen previously.”

Shamsan believed that the circumstances in which Aden lives today plays a role, where the city lives in a security vacuum, combined with the deterioration of living conditions, which causes a change in moral values and some people’s behaviors, leading to acts such as murder and theft. Added to that, it leads to the appearance gangs with the lack of deterrence.