(3, December,2020), Many girls are deprived of education in Hajjah governorate which increases the rates of early marriage amid the deterioration of living conditions in the war.

(3, December,2020), Marwa al-Baiti was doused with gasoline and set on fire by her husband in front of her children in al-Mukalla governorate. Al-Baiti, 22 years old and a mother of two children, was punished by violence and killed at the hands of her husband.

(4, December,2020), Abducted journalists endure physical and psychological torture amid government neglect. The health of Tawfiq al-Mansouri, a journalist detained since 2015, has been deteriorating in a prison run by the Houthi group amid medical neglect.

(4, December,2020), A number of workers in Thabet Brothers factory were killed and injured in by Houthi missile attack in Hodeidah governorate.

(5, December,2020), The number of employees who were killed and injured in the Houthi attack on Thabet Brothers factory in Hodeidah governorate has risen to 16.

(5, December,2020), The Yemeni Women’s Union in al-Mukalla held a protest to denounce the increasing violence against women and to demand penalties to be introduced against the perpetrators. Four women were killed as a result of beating and torture in one week.

(6, December,2020), The commercial stores closed and armed men circulated in al-Dalea city after unidentified armed men killed the dean of the Education College, Khaled al-Humaidi.

(6, December,2020), Belqees TV correspondent: 10-year-old child, Badi Maher, died from injuries caused by the shrapnel of a missile fired by the Houthi group on a residential neighborhood in north Taiz city.

(6, December,2020), Medical errors have increased recently in various governorates, especially in areas controlled by the Houthi group. The family of Yarmouk Saree, who died as a result of a medical error.

(6, December,2020), civilians in Sana’a demanded Houthi authorities to intervene and form a committee to investigate his death.

(7, December,2020), The Houthi group launched intense missile attacks on Al-Sha’afa village in Jabal Morad district, south of Marib governorate. Eye witnesses said the Katyusha rockets set fire to a civilian’s house but there were no casualties.

(8, December,2020), Journalist Wael Sharha wins the Bronze Award and journalist Mohammed al-Hassani wins the award for Best Arab Investigation of COVID19 in the ARIJ annual awards, which honor Arab journalists in 2020.

(8, December,2020), A 50-year-old woman, Alema Qaed, was killed when a landmine planted by the Houthi group exploded as she was herding sheep close to her house in al-Modam district, south Taiz governorate.